Newly Hatched

June 19, 2017

Dear Diary,

I finally decided to start my very own travel blog! So I guess that means it’s time to introduce myself to the world.

Ever since I was little a little girl I’ve enjoyed writing. I remember that this came from my first grade teacher as she had us keep journals in her class. Each month had a different shaped cover with blank pages inside. A ghost for October, a heart for February and a clover for March for example. I lived for the days when we got to write in our journals so much so that my teacher ended up being the person to give me my first one. Now, this is around 1996 so naturally, this was a Lisa Frank journal and became my pride and joy. Since then, I’ve continued to write.

I’ve also always had the urge to travel. This came from my mother. Growing up, we never got to take a lot of exotic vacations, but my mom would do her best to show us the world. We did bigger family trips to South Dakota, California and Florida in addition to smaller trips around the Midwest. As I got older, I started to ask for my own trips and took my first solo airplane journey at the age of 14 to meet a Girl Scout group in Asheville, North Carolina for a rock climbing trip. At 16, I went with my high school to Germany for the first time. All of this ignited my love for getting out there.

In college, I only traveled once abroad to Germany, but since then I’ve gotten to travel a lot more and in the past few years I’ve gotten to visit the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Italy. I can tell you, there journey has only just begun.

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